Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center

By partnering with leading universities, hospitals, research institutions and federal agencies, Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center is focused on safety research projects with the goal developing and bringing to market new and advanced safety technologies.

Our Mission:

Advancing Safety for All

At Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC), we have one core philosophy behind our research - everyone deserves to be safe. We want to enhance safety for all drivers, passengers and pedestrians on our roads -- not just in relation to Toyota vehicles, but rather advance safety in all vehicles. 

By taking a collaborative approach and leveraging key partnerships with top academic, medical and research institutions along with government agencies, we are advancing safety systems across the industry at an accelerated rate as we look to build this safer future. 

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CSRC is led by a team of industry-leading scientists and engineers with a diverse background in safety research.

Our core research groups include Human-Technology Integration, Passive Safety and Human Factors. CSRC is unique in its approach as a truly collaborative organization. We work with key strategic partners including: leading universities and research hospitals; working to identify potential research gaps that can be explored further and engaging in projects that leverage the expertise and ingenuity of these institutions. Unlike proprietary research programs, CSRC is committed to sharing its findings throughout the industry in order to benefit all drivers.

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